The Dacian Baths and the saline
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Imagine an autumn evening when nature changes its colors before sunset. You admire the wonderful landscape relaxed in water that has been warmed on the wood fire of the Dacian Baths. You have a glass of good wine (or champagne) in your hand and enjoy life with your sweetheart. More “Jacuzzi” than that is not possible. You don’t believe it? No problem, pay us a visit and you’ll see. If not now perhaps in winter

For people having problems with breathing but also people who want to keep their body fit, the saline Fisherman’s Resort is a place that should be visited. The saline is furnished with salt blocks brought to “Colibita” from Praid. It’s worth to spend an hour or two in the healing air of the saline

In order to benefit from the healing effects of the Dacian baths and of the saline, please obey to the following rules:

  • Ask our employees to get the Dacian baths ready for you
  • Don’t enter the water if you are under the influence of alcohol or if you have health problems
  • Prior to enter the Dacian baths or the saline take a shower
  • Use these two facilities carefully. Life teaches us that any excess is dangerous

Hire prices:

  • Dacian Baths 20 lei/hour
  • Salina 20 lei/hour