Nautical Base

It is sure that the main attraction with Fisherman’s Resort of Colibita – “the sea in the mountain” – is its nautical endowment. As it should be in a resort we have everything: rowing boats, kayaks, water bicycles and even a small ship. Our collaborators own sailing boats, wind surfs. The access of petrol engine boats is limited. Thus you won’t be disturbed by speed freaks

At a specially equipped pier you may hire one of the 9 hydro bicycles, 1 or 2-person kayaks or rowing boats. You may access the pier only if you wear a safety-vest that is provided to you by Fisherman’s Resort. Guests who are staying in a VIP bungalow have their own specially equipped pier and the boats are included in the package of services


  • Since the Colibita Lake is very deep and under a special protection, jumping into the water from a vessel is strictly forbidden: It is also forbidden to take off the safety vest, to move from one vessel to another, alcohol and drunken people have no access. All these are rules to keep our guests safe and let them admire the gorgeous landscape and also to enjoy the unique freedom to move on “the sea in the mountain”

Hire prices:

  1. Hydro-bicycle 40 lei/hour
  2. Kayak 25 lei/hour
  3. Rowing boat 40 lei/hour
  4. Tour of the lake with the small ship 150 lei/tour (up to 8 persons)