• Tour of the lake with the small ship 150 lei/tour (up to 8 persons)
  • Wind surfing lessons ($)
  • Hydro-bicycle 40 lei/hour (maximum 4 persons)
  • Kayak 25 lei/hour ( with 1 or 2 places)
  • Rowing boat 40 lei/hour (maximum 4 persons)
  • Swimming into the Lake (Free)
  • River rafting ($)
  • 2 swimming pools (Free for booked)


  • Airsoft($)
  • Mini-football ($)
  • Tennis ($)
  • Basket ($)
  • Jogging (Free)
  • Cycling ($)
  • Mountain hiking ($)
  • Ski off the slope ($)
  • Alpinism ($)
  • Flying a glider ($)


  • Fishing (Free)
  • Riding ($)
  • Short trips in a horse-drawn carriage ($)
  • Bird watching (Free)
  • Photo safari ($)
  • Picking mushrooms and berries (Free)
  • Tour guided hike ($)
  • Campfire ($).


  • Visits to monasteries ($)
  • Concerts (Free)
  • Colibita Folk Festival (Free)
  • Dancing lessons ($)
  • Lessons to learn the art of pottery ($)
  • Workshops of art and photography ($)
  • Exhibitions of painting and photography (Free)


  • Special playground (Free)
  • Elastic trampoline (Free)
  • Mini farm with animals (Free)
  • Hiking (Free)
  • Lessons about nature (Free)
  • Babysitting (Free)
  • The children’s Club (Free)
  • Swimming lessons ($)
  • Beach (Free)


  • Wine cellar ($)
  • Bar ($)
  • Pool bar ($)
  • Campfire ($)
  • TV 104 channels (Free)
  • Internet WiFi (Free)
  • Billiard’s room ($)
  • Cinema (Free)
IMG_3519 2

It is sure that the main attraction with Fisherman’s Resort of Colibita – “the sea in the mountain” – is its nautical endowment. As it should be in a resort we have everything: rowing boats kayaks water bicycles and even a small ship. Our collaborators own sailing boats wind surfs. The access of petrol engine boats is limited. Thus you won’t be disturbed by speed freaks

plaja colibita

It is a pun that was made after we had finished to arrange the beach and that got birth to an interesting slogan that our young guests especially liked: This year we won’t go to Ibiza we have a beach in Col(Ibiza)! Yes we have the Fisherman’s Resort: Sand beach umbrellas (made from reed) and comfortable deck chairs.


Imagine an autumn evening when nature changes its colors before sunset. You admire the wonderful landscape relaxed in water that has been warmed on the wood fire of the Dacian Baths. You have a glass of good wine (or champagne) in your hand and enjoy life with your sweetheart. More “Jacuzzi” than that is not possible. You don’t believe it? No problem pay us a visit and you’ll see. If not now perhaps in winter


In order to keep yourselves fit there are several sports facilities with Fisherman’s Resort of Colibita “the sea in the mountain”. A game of de mini-football or volley. A trip by bike or a simple hiking-tour. Jogging a round with the kayak or a round of “sports fishing”. For the little ones we also have a lot of possibilities